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Sufficiency Politics Map




Web-based instrument that helps civil society and governmental actors

Sufficiency is concerned with the pursuit of the good life, with a reduced use of resources. The slogan "simplify your life" concisely captures both the spirit and the potential of this approach. The book "Politics of Sufficiency" by Angelika Zahrnt and Uwe Schneidewind (2013) has shown how political conditions can facilitate the good life. Together with Dominik Zahrnt and the Institute for Ecological Economy Research (IÖW) Angelika Zahrnt now developed a "Sufficiency Politics Map" transposing the complex field of sufficiency politics into a digital strategy map. The authors' target group are organisations and individuals in civil society, politics, and economy who are familiar with the topic and want to improve their communication or develop and implement sufficiency strategies, initiatives or projects.

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