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Pulling Together: Public and Private Finance for Climate Change Mitigation




Carbon Mechanisms Review special issue

The first edition of the new conference format "Innovate4Climate - Finance & Markets Week (I4C)" is held in Barcelona from 22 to 25 May 2017. Against this background, the Carbon Mechanisms Review I4C special presents a blend of both carbon markets and climate finance topics. This covers, inter alia, an interview with Karsten Sach, member of the GCF Board and four stakeholder perspectives on the future of the voluntary carbon market. Further topics include the implementation of Article 6 (especially with a view to the guidance for Article 6.2) and new additionality assessment requirements. Moreover, the isssue features a report on the International Carbon Asset Reserve, a new concept for reducing risks when linking carbon markets and presents an analysis of barriers to integration of sustainable development benefits into market mechanisms.

The complete issue is available for free download.

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