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Lignofuels 2018 - Advanced Biofuels & Materials Conference




The next Lignofuels 2018 Conference will be taking place on 7th & 8th February in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Already on its 10th edition, this two day conference will bring together key lignofuels stakeholders to join the forum discussions and networking, including leaders from advanced generation biofuels companies from across the globe represented by Technical, Strategic and Business Development Executives from First and Advanced Generation Biofuels Producers, Oil Refiners, Process Technology Providers, Enzyme Developers, Engineering Firms and Agribusiness as well as Financiers, Investors, Policy & Regulators, Automotive & Aviation Industries, Consultants, Traders & Brokers and Chemical Companies.

Exclusive Site Visit: BTG-BTL Empyro Pyrolysis Plant

A day prior the conference, a limited number of conference attendees will have a unique opportunity to join an exclusive site visit to BTG-BTL Empyro Pyrolysis Plant. There is no extra charge to join the site visit, although places are limited and allocated to the conference attendees on first come first served basis. Therefore, we would strongly suggest to book your place early to avoid disappointment.

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