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GESS IIIa: Introduction to Grid Integration of Variable Renewable Energy




The markets for grid-connected variable renewable energies (wind power and photovoltaics) are growing and the share of electricity generation from wind and PV is steadily increasing worldwide. System integration of variable renewable energies is becoming increasingly important. Today, tools and methods are available to enable secure and reliable operation of an energy supply system and its sustainable planning. Today e.g. wind and PV feed in can be forecasted with a high accuracy, dimensioning of balancing power can take weather dependency of wind and PV into account and the amount of firm wind and PV capacity during times of peak load can be calculated precisely.

This course looks at some of these tools and methods with focus on PV and wind. It is therefore a must for all those who want to prepare for current and future tasks and for those who want to become or remain leading experts in the energy sector.


  • Focus on photovoltaics and wind energy
  • Residual load approach
  • Wind and photovoltaics (PV) feed-in time series
  • Wind and PV short-term power forecasts for system operation
  • Methodology to calculate the amount of reliable wind and PV generation capacity during peak load
  • Dimensioning of positive and negative balancing power reserves for system operation and planning with large amount of wind and PV
  • Frequency and voltage control with wind and PV
  • Grid and system integration studies approaches
  • Strategies for technical variable renewable energy grid integration

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Von: 27.08.2018
Bis: 31.08.2018
Ort: Berlin
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